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Also called the field honey, but in fact is a blend of honeys from different plants. Especially recommended for people who have pollen allergies. Due to the content of essential oil is especially recommended for heart patients. It`s tender, so it is recommended for the elderly people, people with low pressure and children.


Pollen contains proteins, vitamins A, B, D and E, as well as folic acid and biotin. One spoon of pollen covers daily needs for vitamin A.
This type of honey is recommended for chronically stomach inflammation, stomach and duodenum ulcer, prostate diseases, atherosclerosis, depression, anemia, general immunity of organism. It is especially recommended to persons who took antibiotics in large quantities. You should take three teaspoons of meadow honey with pollen per day, one teaspoon prior to each meal. Minerals in this type of honey are irreplaceable for normal functioning of cardiovascular system, although it`s good for healing antioxidant, anti stress and anti allergic effects of honey.


It is the combination of acacia honey with nuts hazelnuts, cranberries and raisins.



guarantee of 100% natural honey, quality mark 10/10

Honey-land is the product of decades of experience in beekeeping. In the mid 20th century, this family business has had their own apiary, pastures and plum orchards. Long tradition of over 60 years has evolved over time and upgraded to today's Honey-Land.
Honey-Land today is 100% natural and each product is handmade! Just as it was before the 6 decades - we improved only processes of quality control.

HONEY-LAND is dedicated to all the true consumers of honey with best quality and taste. With skillful combination of dried fruit and pure honey we created new tastes, based on unique recipes that are our secret.

While all the ingredients of HONEY-LAND are absolutely natural and in accordance with all the standards that are required, they give high-quality products with healthy connotation.

Guaranty of 100% pure honey in HONEY-LAND products implies exclusivity of products, giving them a unique advantage and difference comparing to other honey products on the market.

Unique recipes of our fruit and honey mixture are simply added value of MG NATURAL and our gift to the consumers that we present through our brand HONEY-LAND, distinguished with unforgettable tastes, exceptional quality and reputation of pure cooperation with nature.

One honey spoon has more healing ingredients than most of the modern remedy preparations for cold.

Honey successfully improves brain functions, gives relief when one is having dental problems.
Honey is good for “battle” against ulcers and arthritis

Honey is irreplaceable for immunity, due to its large deposits of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Bioflavonoids

It is well known that antic athletes consumed a lot of honey 2000 years ago in order to have enough energy for Olympic games challenges