From meadow to the table


The magic path of honey from meadow to the table.

The love of honey and beekeeping in the Medodjija was carried from “knee to knee”, from generation to generation.

We use our great experience to bring the benefits of our country through beekeeping to your homes. The taste, smell and freshness of our endlessly beautiful and healing meadows, the freshness and aroma of acacia forests and nectar from plants across beautiful, intact and inaccessible mountain peaks.

Quality is a priority, and it is natural. Wish and get it.

Man and bees must love, respect and only from this trust, love and lots of sun will get the natural quality of honey.

Bees love a beautiful word, a beautiful flower, beautiful music, great sunshine, pasturage and irresistible smells that surround us.

If we help them get all this available, they will be happy to treat us with nice, sweet, scented and above all healthy honey.

Each type of honey is specific in itself, and each honey is healing in its own way, and people buy it according to its taste, and most try each and every one of the

best, because it is so seamlessly brought in all the benefits of nature that we have at our fingertips.

We offer you everything according to your taste and demand, and we also advise you with additional combinations, various flavors and bony fruits that in combination with honey apply to upgrading healthy food, medicine, beauty and soul to all of us.

Honey with the addition of fruits and the most effective bone fruits from our region is nothing less interesting, healthy and tasty ... than our pride, honey with a polish that is extremely healing and takes a special place in the hearts of our consumers.

Everything is combined ... naturally, with tradition, modern technology, nicely packed, imaginatively pronounced and we arrive at the final product that will bring you a healthier life, smile on the face, taste on palates, happiness and satisfaction.

The beekeeper is the most beautiful thing - every beekeeper who is dedicated and loves his job will tell you so... and we just do what we love, while we make others happy and give them a gift of nature - a natural honey.